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Dystopia an E-juice for the remaining few... 


In the year 2537 humanity was plagued by mechanical war. The very machines we thought we created to once aid in every day life turned against us. Artificial intelligence fought for power. They called themselves the Domination.

They eradicated continents and leveled the life we once knew. Leaderless and lawless humanity broke down. Those that were left were forced into pure survival instinct, emerging among the ruin, desperate and thrown into Havoc.

Factions of survivors fought savagely just to stay alive. The fight to maintain ones basic needs, the battle for resources created division among even the strongest of families. People began to turn on each other, having nothing less to lose, giving into the Chaos.

The larger and strongest groups deemed themselves faction leaders. To little avail they desperately attempted to thwart the machines to turn the tide of war. But many survivors started to disagree with their actions , for death was dwindling their numbers. This pitted them against each other bringing forth Anarchy.

Now fighting amongst each other and machines, humanities future was bleak at best. As the years raged on a few groups claimed victory over the maniacal metal titans. They fought for the upper hand, minor victories giving them hope in a world full of despair. They started the great Riot.

War waged on between man and machine. Humans seeking ways to fight for their way of life. Everything was at stake and yet there seemed to be near nothing left to save. For every inch humanity regain, the machines stole back miles. Swaths of destruction were torn into he earth ravaging the terrain. 

Then came the creation of organic weapons. Humans wielded them with prejudice against the machines. Their successes though small gave them reason to keep fighting: to take back our battered lands. Our strength grew and our numbers increased with our new set of weaponry. It was possible to defeat our dark creations.

An old form of communication was revived, humans used it to relay information between the factions because it was beyond the cold minds of the machines. Hidden words, picture, poetry, like a rogue art form, they reinvented Propaganda.

Power grew among the different faction leaders as their numbers increased. They misused their tribes to take what they wanted from opposing factions. Forcing them to war against each other, throwing us into a state of Disorder.

They began using the weapons against anyone who opposed them. Tyranny lead to mistrust then hatred. Humanity lost focus on the metal enemy all together, killing each other ruthlessly. Until one day a rebel group rose up with intent to end the Mayhem.

They infiltrated each faction destroying the weapon caches so they could no longer destroy each other with them. In doing so they left themselves vulnerable to the Machines. Who invoked their bio-warfare plan creating a Catastrophe.

Our communications were destroyed along with most of the remaining resources. It threw us all back into the dark underground. We now sit and wait for a savior that may never come. Praying just to see tomorrows daylight. A society wrapped in Hazmat.

Like all The Liquid Chemist lines we pride ourselves in keeping The Dystopia Vapors Line as PG free as we can out side the small amounts that may be in some flavoring profiles. 

At this time we only offer this line in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

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